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The problem

Scientific tools have struggled to keep pace with the increasingly collaborative and data-centric world of modern research.

Fragmented ecosystem

Basic research functionality is broken up across dozens of disconnected tools and platforms.

Intellectual property + attribution

IP security is of paramount concern in R&D.

As a result, researchers hide work from their peers until publication.

Massive data sets

Data sets are exploding in size.

No existing tool allows for fast, efficient sharing or fine-grained version control.

It's time to fix that.

Our solution

Axon is your new home base for research.

Everything in one repository

Your data, code, protocols, manuscripts, and conversations all in one location

Easily share updates

Grab updates from your colleagues or share your local changes with the click of a button.

Full version control lets you confidently collaborate on your work.

Robust Discussions

Pull files directly into your discussions and never miss out on a comment.

Customizable permissions

Share your work with trusted collaborators. Rest easy knowing exactly who can see your files

When you're ready, open your work up to the world

Show off your work

Other researchers and universities can see what you've been up to, check out your contributions, and explore the data/code behind your research.
Download the app today and experience a new way of doing research.
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Stay Tuned

We have big plans in the works. A hackable desktop app with an open plugin ecosystem, more social features, and publishing/DOI minting streamlined directly into your repository. Trust us, you won't want to miss out!